I’m back – Stress and cold sores go hand in hand.

Job related stress, 62% of workers say that work is their #1 source of stress.  Add to that family responsibilities, financial stress, lack of sleep and you have a snapshot of the typical American household.

Stress will cause cold sores if you already have the herpes simplex virus. When you’re stressed or even just feeling run down, this can affect your immune system. When your immune system is under pressure, the resistance to any virus isn’t as strong so the virus (cold sore) has a chance to break out again.

Once you have had a cold sore outbreak (and have the herpes virus HSV-1), the virus lies dormant in nerve cells in your skin and may emerge as another cold sore at the same place as before.

Now if we read the typical advice given at the online medical references we read things such as:

All of these are true, and good ideas but like the last few months for me (I run a tax preparation business) it is literally IMPOSSIBLE to not be stressed at work.  Can you identify ?

  • More work to do than there are hours to do it?
  • Pressure to do more work, with less time and resources?
  • Family stressors do not “pause” during stressful times at work.

Life cannot always be balanced and stress free… at least not in the “real” world.  This is when the nasty HSV-1 virus rears its ugly head and we get that “tingly” feeling telling us that a cold sore is getting ready to appear.

What do you do ?

It is too late for most treatments… Abreva, Lysine, cremes, home remedies none can stop the outbreak.  All they MAY do is limit the length of the outbreak.  This used to be my dilemma, that is until I discovered how to prevent cold sores outbreaks permanently.

If you also suffer from cold sores during stress filled times in your life, like I did.  You do not have to suffer from a cold sore outbreak again, and they can be prevented without the expense and potential side effects of a prescription antiviral drug.  Take a look at the free report provided at coldsores.us.

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I am just like you, suffered from embarrassing cold sores for almost 30 years before discovering the simple key to prevention. I have been essentially free of cold sores for over 20 years. This blog will share with you what I have learned that works, and what doesn't work. I am 56 years old, happily married for 25 years and father of three (27, 24, 7) and live in South Carolina. My day job is as a self employed financial planner, and enjoy obstacle course racing, Crossfit and working around our 3.75 acres of land.

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