What about treating cold sores with a prescription antiviral drug like Valtrex ?

When searching online for a treatment for cold sores, one of the options shown is the use of prescription antiviral drugs. A study done in 1998 shows that the use of Valtrex type (valacyclovir) antiviral drugs do reduce the number of outbreaks by 33%-50%. The study also showed the higher doses (500 – 1000 mg day) provided greater suppressive effects (better at preventing outbreaks rather than merely treating the cold sore once it appears).

So if these prescriptions work, why aren’t more people using them ? There are a number of reasons that I would not take (or recommend) a prescription antiviral drug to treat/prevent cold sores:

  • Reducing outbreaks is a half-measure that is only a 1/2 solution. We want a way to prevent outbreaks.
  • Costs, although the prescription is available from your neighborhood Wall-Mart for about $20 per month (30 x 500mg tablets), the price does not include the price of doctor visits and blood test to monitor kidney function. Likely cost with doctor visits and blood work $500 yr.
  • Side Effects from long term use of antiviral drugs:
    1. Kidney Damage caused by valacyclovir
    2. Alopecia (going bald) caused by valacyclovir
    3. Painful menstrual cramps
    4. Tiredness & Malaise (a feeling of overall weakness a feeling of discomfort a feeling like you have an illness simply not feeling well)

There are a number of online doctors who will prescribe these drugs to folks suffering from cold sores, but you will agree to hold them harmless should you suffer some of these side effects.  Although this treatment may be a better option than doing nothing (it is more effective), it still is not the best treatment available.

I spent over a decade researching (and testing) the ways to treat my cold sore outbreaks (> 10 a year).  You can now have access to all this research written in plain english that explains exactly how you can STOP the herpes virus from causing cold sores outbreaks.  Imagine never attempting to cover up an outbreak again, or pretend other people are not staring at the scab on your lip. 

You do not have to suffer from a cold sore outbreak again, and they can be prevented without the expense and potential side effects of a prescription antiviral drug.  Take a look at the free report provided at coldsores.us.

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I am just like you, suffered from embarrassing cold sores for almost 30 years before discovering the simple key to prevention. I have been essentially free of cold sores for over 20 years. This blog will share with you what I have learned that works, and what doesn't work. I am 56 years old, happily married for 25 years and father of three (27, 24, 7) and live in South Carolina. My day job is as a self employed financial planner, and enjoy obstacle course racing, Crossfit and working around our 3.75 acres of land.

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