The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

This blog is about teaching you how you can stop suffering from ugly cold sores.  Let me start by sharing my story.

My  name is Dave Conley and I suffered from cold sores since I was in elementary school.  Kids made fun of me (called me VD mouth).  I was taken to the school office more than once in elementary school because they (teacher, nurse, etc.) thought I might be contagious. Throughout high school it was the same thing, every month or so I had another outbreak.

At the time I had no idea the cause and tried everything to get rid of them but was told that “you will just have to let them run their course of 7-10 days” by the doctors.  In my early twenties (the 1980’s) I began researching the cause and possible preventive measures.  My hope was to reduce my number of outbreaks.

I tried Lysine, almonds, avoiding spicy foods, avoiding lip balms, etc. but nothing seemed to work.  It was after many years of research (by the way this was before Google) that I came across a couple of scientists doing study on life extension, and a little known study done in Bowling Green, KY in 1983.  The researchers and scientists had stumbled across a common compound that when ingested kills the HSV-1 virus that is responsible for cold sore outbreaks.

Fast forward 30 years of taking this product, I am free from cold sores outbreaks. It is my hope that you will find this information helpful, and you too can prevent cold sore outbreaks.

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I am just like you, suffered from embarrassing cold sores for almost 30 years before discovering the simple key to prevention. I have been essentially free of cold sores for over 20 years. This blog will share with you what I have learned that works, and what doesn't work. I am 56 years old, happily married for 25 years and father of three (27, 24, 7) and live in South Carolina. My day job is as a self employed financial planner, and enjoy obstacle course racing, Crossfit and working around our 3.75 acres of land.

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